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IFTTT can now automate actions based on your iPhone's location

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ifttt app
ifttt app

The clever automation service IFTTT is getting a lot more powerful today with the addition of location features. In an update to IFTTT's iPhone app that's rolling out now, the service will be able to begin watching your location, allowing it to automatically trigger tasks based on where you are. When you're nearing home, you could have IFTTT automatically turn on your connected light bulbs, send an SMS to your roommate that you're on the way, or send out a tweet that you're back, among dozens of other possibilities. It's also added in special triggers for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare that can let you automate a task whenever you post from one of them at specific location.

IFTTT's also making its app a little bit easier to use. A search function is now built in for finding automation recipes and supported services. The update will also let you create a profile page from within the app and share your recipes with others, where before you'd have to head to IFTTT's website to do either. Those looking for ideas on what to do with IFTTT's new location abilities can head over to the location-trigger section of its website, which right now has 40 different prebuilt automation recipes that users will be able to try out. Some of the more exciting recipes require your home to be a bit more connected than the average household, but there's still plenty to do for the creative IFTTT user.