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Google's Control Room adds better audio and video management to Hangouts on Air

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Google Hangouts on Air Control Room
Google Hangouts on Air Control Room

Google announced yesterday that a new feature for Hangouts on Air called Control Room will be rolling out over the next few days. Control Room, which was announced by Google software engineer J.D. Salazar on Google+, will allow all Hangout users to better manage the audio and video levels of a show.

The Control Room interface is pretty straightforward. The feature lives in a column on the right side of the screen, and uses toggles to show or hide the video and to adjust the audio levels of each individual in the hangout.

We knew Control Room was coming — Google teased the feature at an event in October, and Al Jazeera and HuffPost Live have already been trying it out. Ultimately, it's in line with Google's overall vision for Hangouts: more control over Hangouts' nuts and bolts can help the service develop into a professional tool for businesses, or even television and podcast broadcasters. Over time, we'll see if giving all this control to users will continue to make Google the place to be for live video.