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Bing adds TED talks, famous speeches, and other improvements to search results

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New bing logo stock 2
New bing logo stock 2

Bing is adding a slew of new features to its web search results today. Several of the new additions bring useful content to the Snapshot pane that appears alongside your search results. First, the company now highlights when people you're researching have given TED Talks. Search for Bill Gates and you'll see a number of TED presentations come up; clicking the play button next to each will link you to the corresponding video page at TED.

Another new feature means you'll no longer need to leave Bing to hear famous speeches and national anthems. They can now be played directly on the search results page. For example, Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" can be streamed within the Snapshot area. Searching for President Barack Obama brings up his 2008 presidential victory speech, his remarks after signing the Affordable Care Act, and famous announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death.


Today's updates also focus on education: for students researching colleges, Bing will now display rankings and other statistics covering many top universities. Popular online courses also now listed automatically for colleges that offer them. But Qian says that Bing also wants to help "expand your understanding of the world." It will now offer short snippets that explain scientific concepts like string theory, and offers a brief summary of important historic eras and events. And when "related people" pop up in the Snapshot pane, Bing will now explain how they're connected to your search query when you hover over their photos. Improvements to Bing's natural language understanding, animal research, and app search results round out the additions.