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'The Walking Dead' season two trailer shows a child in a zombie's world

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Gallery Photo: 'The Walking Dead' season two screenshots
Gallery Photo: 'The Walking Dead' season two screenshots

With season two of The Walking Dead, developer Telltale games has gone in an interesting new direction: this time you're playing as a young girl during the zombie apocalypse. And the first trailer for episode one, "All That Remains," provides a brief glimpse at just how difficult that scenario will be. As the developer told us previously, things aren't any less dark just because Clementine is the lead. "The world doesn't care if you're a little girl," president and co-founder Kevin Bruner told The Verge. "It really is totally indifferent. There are no punches held just because it's Clementine." The developer hasn't given a specific release date for the game — it's been announced for the Xbox 360, PS3, iOS, Mac, and Windows — but you can expect to play the first episode before the month is through.