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Pebble update finally adds Do Not Disturb mode and improved alarms

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pebble smartwatch do not disturb
pebble smartwatch do not disturb

Pebble has released a software update that dramatically improves the smartwatch's alarm clock functionality and adds a much-requested feature. Firmware version 1.14 finally includes a Do Not Disturb setting similar to the one Apple introduced with iOS 6; it lets users specify a period of time where the watch won't receive notifications so as to prevent unwanted disruption.

Pebble owners are also now able to set multiple alarms and toggle them on or off, and there's a new snooze mode. Notification control has gotten a little more granular, too, with the ability to switch all alerts off while keeping phone calls enabled. Although the update sounds minor, it removes a couple of serious annoyances that sometimes made using the Pebble a lot more frustrating than it had to be.