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Samsung merges camera and mobile divisions in a bid to differentiate its smartphones

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The last two specs that have any meaning left on a smartphone's spec sheet are the camera and the battery. Recognizing the importance of imaging to its phone line — and the complementary need for connectivity in modern cameras — Samsung has decided to combine its Digital Imaging and Mobile Communications businesses into one.

The impact of this reorganization isn't yet clear, and might not be felt for a while to come, but it does reiterate Samsung's interest in hybrid devices like the Galaxy S4 Zoom. Bringing the camera and phone designers closer together should also result in tighter collaboration between their teams. Samsung promises to improve the "operation capabilities" of the newly reassigned imaging team and "promote its market leadership."

In a statement to ET News, who first reported the news, Samsung also says that the primary goal is to "integrate the technical know-how of the two business divisions into competency for differentiating our smartphones."