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Skype for Android now floats video calls on top of other apps

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Skype Android picture-in-picture
Skype Android picture-in-picture

Microsoft is introducing a rather unique feature to its Skype Android client today. Version 4.5 of the app now includes a picture-in-picture window that shows Skype video calls even when you switch to another Android app. Microsoft claims it’s the “first Android application” to offer this functionality, and the company is enabling it on Android tablets today. There’s no support for Android phones, but both versions require a new permission to drawn on top of other apps.

Skype for Android 4.5 also includes a feature for tablet users to quickly navigate the contact list by tapping on one letter to jump to others, something that’s similar to the Windows 8 implementation. Other improvements in the latest version include updates to the Video Instant Messaging feature, compatibility for Tesco’s Hudl tablet, and bug fixes for crashes on Google’s Nexus 5 handset. The update is available immediately in the Google Play Store.