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'Braid' creator will support Oculus Rift with his next game, 'The Witness'

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the witness vr 640
the witness vr 640

As Oculus secures $75 million in funding and embarks on the next phase of its ambitious plan, the virtual reality headset company has also received a vote of confidence from none other than famed indie game developer Jonathan Blow. The man behind Braid says that his next game, The Witness, will support the Oculus Rift. He told Engadget that his new studio Thekla was already designing the game to work with 3D televisions, and decided that it would not be "that big a step" to also support the Oculus Rift.

The Witness is an intriguing adventure game which bears some slight similarities to Myst, in that you traverse a mysterious island solving puzzles as you go, but like Braid the game is simultaneously teaching you the rules of its world. While the game will be console-exclusive to the PlayStation 4 when it launches in 2014, its Oculus Rift support will likely come in the PC version. An iOS release is also planned.