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Beatles bootlegs headed to iTunes next week

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Beatles Abbey Road
Beatles Abbey Road

A slew of hard to find Beatles recordings are arriving on iTunes next week as part of a new album called The Beatles Bootleg Recordings 1963. The set includes 59 tracks, 44 of which were live from BBC radio, along with 15 outtakes recorded in the studio, reports NME. It's a follow-up to last month's Live at the BBC Volume 2, which compiled 63 tracks recorded during BBC performances. The arrival of the new album may be bittersweet for Beatles fans who purchased the $149 "complete" box set just a few years ago. That collection included all the studio albums, as well as live concert video and recordings, whereas this newer compilation is mostly live performances.

Mainly live tracks

It wasn't until late into 2010 that music from The Beatles became available as digital recordings. Rights owner Apple Corps. and Apple Inc. were involved in fierce litigation with one another over trademark, logos, and naming for "Apple," all while Apple's iTunes business was booming. That fight was eventually settled in 2007, and was followed by a full release of the digital catalog on iTunes in November 2010. According to the BBC, the new collection may simply be a move to extend copyrights on the session tapes of those songs, while the studio sessions are protected until 2033.