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Can a 27-year-old Mac Plus browse the web?

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Mac Plus on the web (Jeff Keacher)
Mac Plus on the web (Jeff Keacher)

In short, yes.

The long answer, of course, is that it takes a full bucket of blood, sweat, and tears to enable a machine that was introduced before the web was invented to make use of it, but that's exactly what Denver-based developer Jeff Keacher did. Getting a rudimentary web browser that could work on the Mac Plus from his childhood turned out to be easy enough, but the real challenge came when he needed to physically connect it to a network — the machine has no Ethernet port, and obviously pre-dates both Wi-Fi and USB — so he turned to a cobbled-together Raspberry Pi solution and the computer's serial port to make it work. One proxy server and a blown capacitor later, Keacher had a functional (but brutally slow) 80's-vintage Mac that had been dragged kicking and screaming into the Internet Age.

Read the full details of the harrowing journey on Keacher's site.