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ACLU blasts NSA surveillance with video featuring creepy Santas

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ACLU NSA parody
ACLU NSA parody

Few organizations have been more vocal or more active in the fight against the NSA's far-reaching surveillance programs this year than the American Civil Liberties Union, and it's driving the point home this month with a holiday-themed parody. "The NSA is Coming to Town" is exactly what it sounds like: a darkly comedic remix of the Christmas classic "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," featuring NSA agents dressed up as Santas wreaking havoc through the streets of New York City. The climax of the video comes around the 1:20 mark as an unsuspecting citizen grows tired of a sunglass-wearing St. Nick taking photos of his phone's screen, slaps the camera out of his hand, and briskly walks away.

The video is a part of the ACLU's campaign to raise 50,000 signatures to its petition to Congress demanding the curtailing of the NSA's pervasive spying, which has grown far creepier than a parkouring Santa with a telephoto lens ever could.