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Instapaper for iOS is free until December 19th

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Instapaper iOS 7
Instapaper iOS 7

There’s no shortage of apps for saving articles to your phone for offline reading, but Instapaper is a favorite around these parts. It’s unfortunate that some iOS users have been depriving themselves of one of the platform’s greatest apps, but their inaction is paying off: Instapaper is free to download all week as part of Apple’s App of the Week promotion.

In recent months, the team at Betaworks has pushed a major redesign, incorporated article sorting and filtering, and added video support — a big improvement that puts the original closer to par with its glossier competitors. If you’ve never looked at Instapaper before or been hesitant to drop the whopping (not at all whopping) $3.99 purchase price, now is your chance. The free download campaign runs until December 19th.