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Powering up: Valve's Steam Machine sent to testers in a wooden crate

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Gallery Photo:

Valve’s prototype Steam Machine gaming consoles are making their way to beta testers, and just like everything the company does, it’s all about presentation. Reddit user colbehr’s detailed unboxing shows the wooden crate Steam is using to ship the machine, full of Valve touches like a stencil of the iconic Portal cube.

The hardware itself is visually identical to what we saw in November, with the same black finish, save for one of 300 ventilation holes on the case’s top that’s been stamped and polished to uniquely identify the owner. It’s going to be some time before you can buy a Steam Machine of your own, and the final retail box could be entirely different, but it’s still great to see a company putting so much creativity into its packaging, especially with a product as commodified as the gaming PC.