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Amazon announces interest-free payment plan for Kindle Fire HDX

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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 1024px
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 1024px

After giving 30-day free trials a shot, Amazon has a new master plan to get its Kindle Fire HDX tablets under as many trees as possible this holiday season: a nine-month financing option. According to a new offer spotted by All Things D, you’ll be able to pay just 25 percent of the tablet’s purchase price up front, with another quarter due every 90 days. And if you fail to pay off the device completely? Amazon says that it has the right to deregister it, blocking access to Amazon content you’ve paid for, such as your Kindle books.

With the smaller 7-inch Kindle HDX starting at $229, most people would probably prefer to just pay for it up front rather than drag it out over nine months, but interestingly, Amazon won’t charge any interest on your outstanding balance.