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Amazon will release original shows in 4K

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Amazon Press Event
Amazon Press Event

Amazon is planning to make 4K content a little bit easier to come by. This morning, Amazon Studios announced that it will shoot all of its 2014 series — both comedies and dramas — in the ultra high-resolution format, and that it will at some point make those 4K recordings available to viewers. "We think customers are going to love watching these series in the highest resolution ever available to consumers, and we can't wait to deliver it," Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios, says in a statement. The studio says that all new series and pilots filmed this year will be shot in 4K.

For now though, details on how or when you'll be able to watch Amazon's 4K content are nonexistent. While it's likely that Amazon plans to offer 4K streaming through its Instant Video service, streams of such high-resolution content haven't been widely available at this point — and are often quite expensive. But Amazon may see a need to begin delivering 4K quickly: Netflix could start streaming 4K content this year, and it may even kick things off with its hit series House of Cards.