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Kevin Rose's Tiny reimagines blogging with voyeuristic video

Kevin Rose's Tiny reimagines blogging with voyeuristic video

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Digg-creator-turned-startup-investor Kevin Rose thinks blogging has turned into a lifeless experience. Blog pages with words on static background only go so far in telling a story, so to fix that Rose is pitching a concept called Tiny. It adds blurred video that streams in the background of whatever you're reading. That video is recorded while the author is writing the post, something Rose says could make posts more intimate, and narrative. "If you blur the person and use them as the background, you get a better feeling from the content where they were and what their mood was when they wrote the post," he says. Behind the scenes, Rose proposes that the system would present everything using HTML5 and Javascript, so nobody will need to install Flash.

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All of this remains a concept, and not an actual product. Rose says he's sharing the idea in the hopes of gathering feedback, because "there's something to this." It's also not his first foray into casual web publishing: back in 2007, Rose co-founded Pownce, an early Twitter competitor that was later sold to Six Apart. Rose has put together a concept video of what Tiny could look like, both for readers and authors.