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Beyoncé's surprise new release is the fastest-selling album on iTunes ever

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Beyoncé's surprise album release on iTunes this past Friday has, unsurprisingly, been a huge hit. Apple just announced that the self-titled video and song collection sold a whopping 828,773 copies in only three days, making it the fastest-selling album on iTunes ever. 617,213 copies were sold in the US. According to BIllboard, it will be the top-selling album of the week — even though it was only available for a few days and only on iTunes. In addition to it being the biggest album debut for iTunes, the huge sales of Beyoncé's latest also represent her biggest debut week ever.

Initially, the set of 14 songs and 17 music videos was sold as a complete package without the ability to download individual songs, something that marks a huge change from the typical iTunes model. However, Apple says consumers will be able to purchase individual songs starting on December 20th. It appears that the iTunes exclusive will expire on December 20th, as well — though it's still not clear if the album will hit streaming services like Spotify or if it will only be available for purchase from other digital stores like Google Play and Amazon.