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Pebble launches education project, donates over 4,000 smartwatches to STEM programs

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Pebble wants its popular smartwatch to have a place in computer science classrooms across the country. The company has announced that it will be donating over 4,000 Pebble watches to STEM-focused education programs "that encourage excellence in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics." The watches carry a total value of over $600,000, and are being contributed through an initiative called the Pebble Education Project. Schools taking part in the "first round" of Pebble's charitable effort include Carnegie Mellon University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Pennsylvania, the University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

Aside from the watches, Pebble says it will be providing "a limited-time discount" for personal Pebble purchases that participating institutions can share "with their respective communities." The Pebble team features a large number of CS and engineering graduates, and the company says this program will help it "give back to organizations who foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity in education." Organizations interested in the project are asked to get in touch with the company for more details.