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UK police charges two with 'improper use of a communications network' over threatening tweets

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Twitter Logo night stock 1020
Twitter Logo night stock 1020

Back in July, feminist activist and journalist Caroline Criado-Perez successfully campaigned to get Jane Austen's image on the £10 bill — and unwittingly became a major target for trolls on Twitter who sent Criado-Perez all manner of abuse and threats. The UK police made arrests following the outbursts, and now the AP reports that two individuals have been formally charged with "improper use of a communications network." Two other suspects will not be charged, and a fifth continues to be under investigation. Since the outburst, Twitter rolled out an easier way for users to report abusive tweets — something Criado-Pereze she was receiving at rates up to 50 times an hour. There's no word on what kind of penalties the charges carry if the defendants are found guilty yet