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Apple's Christmas ad puts an endearing slant on iPhone addiction

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apple misunderstood ad
apple misunderstood ad

Just what do kids do while staring at their phones all day? That question plagues many parents' minds during family get-togethers, but Apple's latest iPhone commercial is intended to soothe their worries. Depicting an unapologetically quaint scene of familial harmony, its mood is hampered somewhat by the isolation of a youngster who seems more interested in using his smartphone than relating to his loved ones. The twist in the tale is soon revealed as he finally shows the family the movie he had been busy stitching together on his iPhone 5S.

As usual with Apple, the benefits of its technology are only hinted at, never explicitly pointed out. The quality of the 5S camera, the ease of use of the iMovie editing software, and even the AirPlay connectivity of the Apple TV are shown as facilitators that help the young man make and display his movie. The end result paints Apple tech as accessible and friendly, even if the star of the ad spends most of his holiday in isolation.