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'Breaking Bad' spin-off 'Better Call Saul' will debut internationally on Netflix

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New series will be available immediately after US broadcast

Saul Goodman - Breaking Bad
Saul Goodman - Breaking Bad

The pairing of Breaking Bad and Netflix was seemingly a match made in heaven. Widely credited by the show's creators for its success, the online streaming platform cemented its associated with the hit AMC series by instantly syndicating the show's final episodes internationally. Now, Netflix has announced that Better Call Saul, a spin-off series that focuses on the show's lawyer Saul Goodman, will be available for streaming in Latin America and Europe as soon as it finishes airing in the US.

Better Call Saul is due to premiere in 2014. Set years before the events of Breaking Bad, it'll see Bob Odenkirk reprise his role as a shifty but endearing Albuquerque mall lawyer. "From parking tickets to mass murder, from slip-and-fall to bond fraud," says a press release announcing the deal, "Saul handles it all."