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Indie outfit hopes to mass-produce Iron Man armor with crowdfunding

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Iron Man Suit (source: Paramount Pictures)
Iron Man Suit (source: Paramount Pictures)

The US military isn't alone in planning custom, Iron Man-inspired armor. Iron Man Factory, an independent outfit with its own Tony Stark ambitions, aims to mass produce its own injection-molded line of (unlicensed) Iron Man Mark III suits. And it'll need 5,000 preorders of $1,999 to pull of a full production run.

The company already has a 3D-printed suit to show off, and its an impressive piece of kit, boasting a lightweight carbon fiber body, metal joints, and an LED array powered by AAA batteries. The helmet's faceplate even slides in and out of place with sensor input. According to TechCrunch, the 30-40 person team behind the project has a factory based in Shenzen specializing in injection molding, and needs to curry favor with monied fans and con-goers who'd delight in their own fully realized Stark armor. Those who want the injection-molded model will have to wait six months for the suit to ship, while those who only want the helmet can pay $1,800 and wait three months. Impatient folks with a lot more cash can cough up $35,000 for a prototype 3D-printed version that will ship in three months time. Hopefully Marvel won't go after them in the interim.