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YouTube finally comes to the Roku 3

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Roku 3 top (765px)
Roku 3 top (765px)

YouTube has been one of the most essential sources of video on the internet for years now — and now Roku users can finally put it on their TVs. The company announced today that there's finally a YouTube app available for the Roku 3, already one of our favorite set-top boxes. This fixes a glaring hole in the Roku 3's feature set — despite the fact that competitors like the Apple TV and pretty much every game console on the market have long had access to YouTube, it has been sadly lacking on the Roku until now.

The new YouTube channel should be available today, and Roku says that it'll roll out to the company's other hardware sometime next year. Unfortunately, only customers in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland will be able to get YouTube on the Roku 3, and there's no word on when it might expand to other countries.