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Motorola finally offering 'natural' backplate options for Moto X starting with bamboo

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Moto X Bamboo
Moto X Bamboo

After months of waiting, Motorola today announced the first of its "natural" Moto Maker customization options: bamboo. The company's flagship Moto X can now be ordered with a bamboo rear case, though the option comes at a premium. Picking a natural back color adds $100 to your order total, and Motorola is attaching a "delayed shipping" warning to the Bamboo choice. Early orders won't be delivered until January, according to the company. But it may be worth the wait for interested buyers. "Since each back is made from real Bamboo, no two devices will ever be the same," Motorola says. The natural configurations (bamboo is technically a type of grass) were announced alongside all of the other Moto X colors earlier this year, but have failed to materialize until today.

Motorola teased the pending announcement via Google+ and Twitter earlier this week. @evleaks also posted new images of the wood option earlier in December. Other choices are expected to follow in the coming weeks, though a staggered rollout and immediate shipping delays for bamboo suggest Motorola is still having trouble ramping up production.