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Warner Bros. recruits Josh Gad to co-write and star in 'Gilligan's Island' movie

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Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Island

Warner Bros. is bringing Gilligan's Island, the iconic '60s television sitcom, to the big screen, and it's reportedly enlisted Josh Gad to help with the project. And while the move may reinforce the notion that movie studios have run out of novel ideas, Deadline reports that the film is also being positioned as a way of shining a brighter spotlight on Gad (Book of Mormon, Jobs). He'll be both writing and starring in the Gilligan's Island big-screen adaptation, and Lloyd Schwartz — whose father created the original TV series — has signed on as an executive producer. Gilligan's Island ran for only three seasons on CBS, but soared in popularity once it hit syndication. The show chronicles the comedic misfortunes of seven shipwrecked castaways as they attempt to (unsuccessfully) escape a remote Pacific island. There's no word yet on which character Gad plans to take on.