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Walt Mossberg's final Wall Street Journal column looks back on two decades of tech

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mossberg d11
mossberg d11

After 22 years of insightful and important commentary on consumer technology, Walt Mossberg has written his final column for The Wall Street Journal and its All Things D tech blog. In it, Mossberg picks out the twelve most influential products from his time as the newspaper's tech reviewer, identifying each one as something that changed the course of digital history. Included among his dozen are Windows 95, the Palm Pilot, Google's search engine, and the iPhone.

The products chosen weren't necessarily big sellers — his first choice on his chronological list, the Newton MessagePad, was an "outright flop" — but Mossberg believes each of his selections improved ease of use and added value for the average consumer. His tastes and criteria have led to a few arguably strange selections, such as 1997's Palm Pilot included in place of possibly more deserving candidates in Sony's PlayStation or Netflix, but most of his choices were bona-fide game changers.

This is Mossberg's final column for The Wall Street Journal, but he's not retiring

This is Mossberg's final column for The Wall Street Journal, but he's not retiring: Mossberg says he'll "still be doing reviews on a new online site." Details of that site are yet to be announced, but Mossberg and co-executive editor Kara Swisher have reportedly been in talks with prospective investors including NBCUniversal, Bloomberg, and Cox. It's unclear whether Mossberg's new site will get to keep the All Things D brand that he's so intrinsically linked to — the name reportedly belongs to the publishers of The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones.