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Experience 'Spaceship Earth' in your living room with this $1,200 chair

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odesd2 q1 lounge chair
odesd2 q1 lounge chair

Ukrainian design house Odesd2 has just debuted its latest chair, the Q1. Inspired by architect Richard "Bucky" Buckminster Fuller's famous geodesic spheres, the striking chair is crafted from steel with Hollowfiber-filled chenille padding for comfort. Odesd2 says "the spherical shape of the chair provides the most comfortable and natural fit." Mostly, though, it's just a beautiful object.

Unfortunately for the majority of us, Odesd2 doesn't sell its wonderfully designed products outside of the Ukraine, meaning if you want to pick up one of these chairs you'll have to find some way of transporting it from the company's showroom in Kiev to your door. If you're happy to go through the hassle, the Q1 lounge chair will set you back 9,450 Ukranian Hryvnia, or roughly $1,200.