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Delta CEO says airline won't allow in-flight cellphone calls

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Delta Airlines (STOCK)
Delta Airlines (STOCK)

To the relief of frequent flyers everywhere, Delta CEO Richard Anderson has made it abundantly clear that his airline won't be allowing in-flight calls via cellphone or VoIP services anytime soon. In a memo to his employees, Anderson said such calls would be "a disruption to the travel experience." The FCC is considering policy changes that would legalize in-flight cellphone use, but the idea has swiftly drawn criticism from travelers and airline employees alike. Consumers point to the annoyance of hearing other passengers gabbing endlessly on a cellphone during lengthy flights as one reason to dismiss the idea. The commission has emphasized from day one that, even if the practice is eventually permitted, airlines will be making the final decision on what's allowed in the skies. Delta isn't alone in its negative stance; Virgin America and Southwest Airlines have suggested that they too will forbid in-flight calls — regardless of any changes to FCC rules.