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Xbox Video app finally arrives on Windows Phone

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Xbox Video Windows Phone
Xbox Video Windows Phone

Microsoft is finally releasing its Xbox Video app for Windows Phone today. After originally including built-in support for the service in Windows Phone 7, Microsoft shipped Windows Phone 8 without full access to renting and downloading movies and TV shows from the service. The new app, which is available immediately in the Windows Phone Store, brings the ability to purchase or stream content through Xbox Video on a Windows Phone. Movies and TV shows can also be downloaded to a handset for offline use.

Any existing content that’s rented or owned in Xbox Video is automatically displayed in the app once you sign in. While there’s no access to HD content on Xbox Video for Windows Phone, you can still watch the HD versions on Windows 8, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The availability of Xbox Video for Windows Phone follows a recent launch of the service on the web, and it now finally provides Windows 8, Xbox, and Windows Phone users with a unified way to access and download TV shows and movies.