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Time Warner Cable TV streaming app comes to Kindle Fire HD and HDX

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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Timer Warner Cable has slowly been giving its customers more and more ways to watch TV, and today it's announcing two more: its streaming app has come to all Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX tablets. The TWC TV app for Kindle Fire will allow its customers to access 300 channels of live TV as well as 5,000 on-demand videos when they're at home. Out of the home, they'll have access to a smaller selection, coming in at over 1,000 on-demand titles and more than a dozen live TV channels.

TWC also says that it's opening up that full library of in-home channels and on-demand videos to all versions of the app through an update today, putting all platforms on equal ground. With the app now available for iOS, Android, Roku, the Xbox 360, and some Samsung Smart TVs, TWC is increasingly making its way toward a presence on every popular platform. There are still some obvious absences though, and its competitors aren't resting: Verizon has already made its way onto the Xbox One.