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Microsoft launches separate Xbox Music app ahead of Windows Phone 8.1

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Xbox Music Windows Phone 8
Xbox Music Windows Phone 8

While Microsoft is busy launching Xbox Video on Windows Phone 8, the software giant is also quietly releasing a separate Xbox Music app today. Although Xbox Music functionality is already built directly into Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is separating out the functionality ahead of its Windows Phone 8.1 update next year. The separate Xbox Music app includes new features that aren’t available with the built-in version: playlists are editable, alongside radio stations sync support.

Microsoft is promising more features to come with future updates, and the company appears to be labelling this Xbox Music app release as a preview. The latest app requires an Xbox Music Pass to function, and it includes the ability to search and download songs from the Xbox Music store. Playback of songs can be controlled from the existing Music and Videos feature in Windows Phone 8 or through the new dedicated Xbox Music app. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment on the separate app, and we’ll update you accordingly. The Verge revealed earlier this week that Windows Phone 8.1 will include separate Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps that will be updated from the Windows Phone Store rather than built-in functionality.