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France decides 'textopornographie' is French for 'sexting'

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The French have shut down yet another English word: "sexting" will now be known as "textopornographie," with "sexto" as the noun "sex text." France's General Commission on Terminology and Word Invention (or Commission Générale de Terminologie et de Néologisme, s'il vous plaît) decided to change the word, as it has done since 1635 in an effort to protect the country's language from all words ugly and devoid of Frenchness. Tech words and regular words alike have been changed over the years: back in 2003, the country changed the word "e-mail" to "courriel," and earlier this year our beloved "hashtag" was banned and replaced with "mot-dièse," which translates to "sharp word" in English. Here are some other terms the French have made fancy:

  • "LOL" was replaced with "MDR," which stands for "mort de rire," or "dying of laughter"
  • "Spam" e-mail is "pourriel" in Québécoise French
  • "Podcast" was changed to "baladodiffusion"
  • "Chat" became "clavardage"
  • The "knockout game," the ridiculous phenomenon where someone slaps or punches another person in the face on camera, became "vidéoagression"

Next on the agenda? If we're lucky, maybe "selfie" or "twerking."