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New York state governor poaches NYC's chief digital officer, Rachel Haot

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rachel haot
rachel haot

One month before New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office, his chief digital officer — Rachel Haot — has been hired by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Haot was the city's first chief digital officer. As she explained to The Verge earlier this year, she worked with Mayor Bloomberg helped to build an ecosystem for startups, modernize digital infrastructure, and promote engineering education. Watch our interview with Haot below.

She will reportedly become the state's first deputy secretary for technology, overseeing the Cuomo's administration's internet presence. Cuomo's office has already taken some steps to bolster that presence, The New York Times says, by opening a new website earlier this year that channeled data from governmental agencies. Prior to her work for NYC, Haot founded GroundReport, a news platform designed to democratize media by publishing local stories to international audiences, and spent time teaching social media as an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School. In a statement, Bloomberg called Haot "a very smart hire." Her work, he said, "made New York City the digital model for cities across the country and around the world."