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Bill Gates is Santa for one lucky Reddit user

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Bill Gates secret santa
Bill Gates secret santa

Bill Gates is no stranger to Reddit, but he’s swapping 80-inch Windows 8 displays and meme pictures this time for a role as secret Santa. 24-year-old Reddit user "NY1227," identified only as Rachel, participated in this year's Reddit annual online gift exchange and was left shocked by her unlikely secret Santa. Thousands of Redditors participate every year, but Rachel was lucky enough to receive a gift from Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

Rachel excitedly recounts her realization that a stuffed cow and National Geographic book were sent by Gates, and the Microsoft chairman even included a photo as evidence. Gates donated to the Heifer international charity on behalf of Rachel, and the stuffed cow symbolizes part of the charity’s efforts to donate animals to create sustainability in areas where hunger and poverty is common. Gates has clearly researched his beneficiary well as the travel book included with the gift matches the "I also love to travel" part of Rachel’s profile. "Never in my entire life did I imagine, ever, ever, ever that Bill would get me," says Rachel. "I am SO SO thankful for the time, thought, and energy he put into my gift."

An iPad was on the wish list

While Gates’ impressive secret Santa gift scored a 10 out of 10 for effort, there was one Apple product on Rachel’s wish list that didn’t make the cut. "Sorry for the Apple iPad on my wish list, that was really awkward," she says. There’s always next year.