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Sony adding proper 1080p video recording, other improvements to QX lens cameras

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Sony Lens cameras QX10 and QX100
Sony Lens cameras QX10 and QX100

In January, Sony plans to roll out new firmware and software updates for its pair of QX "lens cameras" that address several of their early shortcomings. First, both the QX100 and QX10 will be able to shoot proper Full HD video at 1080p (previously they'd been limited to an odd 1440 x 1080 resolution). Sony is also kicking up the max ISO settings on both models. The QX10 will now shoot up to ISO 3200, with the QX100 getting you all the way up to ISO 12800 — though we can't imagine you'll see great results when venturing into that territory.

The higher-end QX100 is also gaining a shutter priority mode with the new firmware, granting users more precise control over the lens. And since Sony's PlayMemories app plays such a vital role when using the QX lens cameras, the company also plans to make some additions there. A new "Quick Viewer" photo browser will allow "for seamless navigation between shooting images and viewing images in playback mode." And Sony is also promising speed improvements — at least on iOS. PlayMemories will now connect to the QX lenses twice as fast as before. The Android app will receive an update with similar speed improvements in Spring 2014.