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Dish also interested in buying T-Mobile next year, according to Reuters

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Dish CES 2013 stock 2 1020
Dish CES 2013 stock 2 1020

Dish is considering making a bid for T-Mobile in 2014, per a new report from Reuters. If the company indeed pursues an acquisition, it may face a bidding war with Sprint — the very carrier it briefly (and unsuccessfully) tried to buy purchase earlier this year. Sprint eventually found another partner in Japan's SoftBank, which now holds a controlling stake in the third-largest US wireless provider. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Sprint may try to buy out its smaller rival next year. That potential deal already faces major challenges from a logistical standpoint, though Dish doesn't necessarily make for a better home.

A battle for T-Mobile could also damage what generally seems to be a cozy relationship between Dish and Sprint. The companies just announced a partnership to provide LTE-based home broadband in Texas next year, with the trial likely to reach other cities after that. But Dish has been trying to enter the wireless market from nearly every conceivable angle; laying down the cash for T-Mobile may be its best chance at success. And it's not a new idea; two years ago, back when AT&T and T-Mobile were still seeking their ill-fated merger, Dish CEO Joseph Clayton floated the possibility of a partnership with T-Mobile.