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Google puts an offline Moto Maker in the pages of Wired

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Wired IRL Moto Maker
Wired IRL Moto Maker

Despite reports of a sales shortfall, the customizable Moto X has some dedicated fans, and it's fair to say they overlap pretty well with the target audience of Wired. And so, for anybody who hasn't yet tried their hand at designing a phone in the Moto Maker, Google is making the process a little easier. Some copies of the January 2014 issue of Wiredaccording to Mashable, that means those sold in Chicago and New York — come with an interactive ad that mimics the Moto X design tool: tap one of the colors shown at the bottom of the page, and the phone's backplate will change to match it.

It's done with some LEDs and a single panel behind the page, so you won't exactly be able to try out different combinations of backplate and highlights, but it's a great implementation of the concept behind the phone. Unfortunately, unlike at least one other smartphone ad, the Moto X in the picture doesn't actually work.