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Play this: 'Wordbase' is a battlefield you'll need strategy and vocabulary to conquer

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Wordbase Aller Robocat mobile game
Wordbase Aller Robocat mobile game

Wordbase isn't another Scrabble knockoff — it's a tactical game that requires the strategic prowess of chess or checkers, along with a mind like a dictionary, to master. The battlefield is a word search board, and the goal is to spell your way to the opponent's base. All the words create branches that move you across the board — and as long as each letter touches, you can make those words any way you'd like, including zigzagging, moving diagonally, or going side to side. You can cut off your opponent's word branches for the ultimate vocabulary vengeance, and use power-ups to gain letters and swing the board in your favor.

Cut off word branches for the ultimate vocabulary vengeance

Believe it or not, Wordbase was made in three months. It was a joint effort between Danish publishing company Aller and the software studio Robocat, known for apps like Haze and Thermo. Aller's crossword industry experience and Robocat's unique design language allowed them to make a game that's both visually beautiful and continuously surprising thanks to unlimited word boards.

Strategy sets Wordbase apart from the rest, and it makes the game both challenging and oddly exciting. You could be the biggest word nerd in the world and still lose if you don't have the foresight to see your opponent's next move, or if you don't have the critical thinking to put your words in the right spots. You login through Facebook so you can battle your friends, but to avoid possible humiliation, you might want to start by playing with a stanger. Currently Wordbase's free iOS app lets you play two simultaneous games, and you can upgrade to the full version with unlimited games for $2.99.