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Vine launching web profiles 'soon'

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Vine for Windows Phone
Vine for Windows Phone

Vine profiles are heading to the web. Though you've long been able to view individual videos on Vine's website, there's been no way to learn more about a clip's creator or to see other videos that they've uploaded. Vine will ostensibly be addressing all of that with the launch of web profiles, which it announced today were "coming soon." No details on what you'll be able to do from the profiles have been given, but one can imagine that they'll be a lot like Instagram's web profiles: a basic home for all of the content you've ever posted to the service.


Though there isn't word on when the profiles themselves will launch, Vine says that users will be able to begin reserving custom URLs for their profiles tomorrow at 2PM ET by heading to When the profiles do launch, you'll presumably still have to head into the app to create new videos, but it's possible that the web interface will let users browse through their video feed too, making it just a bit easier to catch up on friends' latest Vines.