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Google launches MyGlass app for iPhone

Google launches MyGlass app for iPhone

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Using Google Glass and an iPhone together is getting a bit easier. After teasing it earlier this week, Google officially launched its MyGlass app for iOS today, giving iPhone and Glass owners a simpler way to manage the headset. Through MyGlass, iPhone owners can add Wi-Fi networks, select which services are active on Glass, and display directions on the headset. The app can also stream Glass's display back down to the iPhone.

Though the app makes life with Glass a bit nicer for iPhone users, it still doesn't offer everything that Android owners can do with Glass, such as send a text message. That's a limitation of iOS though, and it's unlikely to change anytime soon. The Glass experience on the iPhone is still fairly robust even so: as users have already been able to do, by pairing the headset with an iPhone over Bluetooth and connecting to its hotspot, it's possible to make and receive calls and access the internet. With MyGlass, now it's just simpler to take care of the more tedious aspects of Glass ownership.