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Motorola working with Disney animator on new interactive short film

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windy day
windy day

Earlier this year Motorola surprised Moto X owners with an interactive short film called Windy Day, and the company has announced it will be creating another project in that vein with the help of a longtime Disney animator. Glen Keane, an animation veteran with credits such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and the Oscar-winning short Paperman to his name, will be creating a new short to be released — presumably alongside a new Motorola device — in the middle of next year.

Windy Day (pictured above) kicked off what Motorola calls its "Spotlight Stories": short, interactive projects that are designed expressly for smartphones. In that launch title, users experienced the story of a mouse chasing its hat as it was whipped around the forest. However, the user could change how they saw the environment, moving their phone around in order to control what their virtual "camera" saw. While the series is clearly a promotional tool, it's also a clever way to leverage technology while also opening up a new medium for filmmakers. Fans of Windy Day won't have to wait until Keane's entry for another taste either; according to Motorola, Keane's project will be the third short in the Spotlight series, which means a second one could be on the way in the intervening months.

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