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HP redesigns Chromebook 11 power adapter to avoid overheating

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HP Chromebook 11 1024px
HP Chromebook 11 1024px

The HP Chromebook 11 isn't a terribly good laptop — you'd probably be better off with an Acer C720 or an HP Chromebook 14 — but the worst part of the computer was easily its micro USB charging adapter, which was prone to overheating. The problem got so bad that Google and HP had to recall the product, pulling it from shelves. Now, however, it looks like the Chromebook 11 will return. 9to5 Google got its hands on a new version of the Chromebook 11 that comes with a revised power adapter, albeit one that charges the laptop more slowly than the previous model, and the site reports that the redesigned product will soon ship to retailers.

We've reached out to Google and HP to find out when replacement chargers should ship to affected individuals, and we'll let you know what we hear.

Correction: 9to5 Google says the charger actually charges faster than an average micro USB charger, and the charging rate should be the same as the original. We apologize for the error.