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You can now play 'Super Hexagon' on a Commodore 64

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Micro Hexagon
Micro Hexagon

Paul Koller loves to take great indie games and remake them for the Commodore 64, and his latest tackles none other than the devilishly difficult mobile hit Super Hexagon. Released as part of the second RGCD C64 Cartridge Development Competition, Micro Hexagon, as it has been dubbed, appears to retain the same core gameplay as Terry Cavanagh's modern classic, but with simpler visuals and a less intense soundtrack. It looks remarkably similar to the original despite being built for 30-year-old hardware.

In the past, Koller has created C64 versions of Super Crate Box, Canabalt, and another Cavanagh title, VVVVVV. "I had a C64 growing up and VVVVVV is obviously very Commodore inspired," Cavanagh told The Verge last year, "so the game really feels at home there." You can grab Koller's latest old-school remake for free at the source link below.