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Tumblr brings 'sponsored' trending blogs to its mobile apps

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Tumblr Sponsored Trending Blogs
Tumblr Sponsored Trending Blogs

Tumblr launched its first advertising product specifically designed for its mobile apps earlier this year, and now the company has found another way to monetize its offering: sponsored trending blogs. Currently, trending blogs show up under the "explore" tab of the iOS and Android apps, and soon companies will be able to pay to have their blogs show up among those trending results. The first sponsored blogs will come from companies like Calvin Klein, Delta, Sony Pictures (who'll feature a Daily Bugle blog to tie in to the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2), and Fox, which is launching a sponsored blog for the film Devil's Due today.

As with other sponsored content, these blogs will be identified by a dollar-sign symbol next to the "follow" button. Tumblr says this new ad unit will roll out in beta this month, with a full launch planned for January of 2014. While it's not surprising to see Tumblr continue to find new ways to make money, avid users of the company's mobile apps will have yet another sponsored offering to jump past to get to the content they're looking for.