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Google Nexus 7 discounted for Cyber Monday on eBay

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Nexus 7 hero (1024px)
Nexus 7 hero (1024px)

Google's new Nexus 7 is one of our favorite small tablets on the market, and there's a pretty solid Cyber Monday deal for the device going on now through eBay. Adorama, a huge photo- and tech-focused retailer based in New York City, is selling brand-new 2013 Nexus 7 tablets with 32GB of storage for only $229.00 today, $40 less than they retail for on Google Play. Another retailer known as ShopDivvy has the 16GB 2013 model available for $169.99, $59 less than on Google Play — however, these models are factory-refurbished, if that's a concern to you. Both retailers are offering free shipping, as well, making it an all-around solid price for one of the best tablets on the market. But both retailers say stock is limited — don't wait around if you're interested.