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AMC's Yeah! app adds bonus content and trivia to iPad movie rentals

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AMC has released an iPad app for its Yeah! online movie rental service. Yeah!, first introduced in March, gives users access to a range of "iconic films" that can be downloaded for 48 hours at a time. Though the majority of rentals include just the movie itself, Yeah!'s big draw is that it's slowly enhancing its library of rentable films with bonus features, including interviews, facts, and trivia that pop up while the main feature is playing. The new app also links directly to Wikipedia and IMDB to let users quickly work out what else they've seen that actor in.

Yeah!'s enhanced movies cost $4.99 per 48 hour rental, while those without bonus features start at $1.99. Prices are high in comparison to other movie streaming services, but the addition of legitimately illuminating factoids and interviews with high-level actors and directors — including Wes Craven, Kevin Smith, and Richard Donner — make it a more enticing proposition for film nerds. Just over 30 of the more than 300 movies available through Yeah! currently sport "curated elements," but 80 more are expected to receive the bonus features by the end of 2014. If you'd rather just watch the movie without interruptions, AMC stresses the features can be turned off.

The new iPad app is available for free right now. Movies available through the service include No Country for Old Men, Dirty Dancing, Superman: The Movie, The Shining, Scream, The Expendables, and Reservoir Dogs. At the time of writing, the most popular rental is Chevy Chase's Caddyshack.