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A field guide to classic arcade design

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Komboh Field Guide
Komboh Field Guide

The traditional American arcade may have died out, but two designers have paid homage to a vital part of video game history through a series of illustrations. Michael Mateyko and Hans Thiessen are collectively Komboh, a design and illustration firm based in Calgary, Canada. In addition to "paying the bills" with work for publications and companies, Komboh also creates and sells artworks on its site.

The Amusement Field Identification Kit is a fun series of annotated diagrams of iconic cabinets. Classics like Donkey Kong, Pong, Ms. Pac-Man, and SNK's Neo-Geo MVS are all faithfully reimagined in the style of a field manual. Similar to the guides for car enthusiasts and the military, each cabinet's outline is accurately portrayed, while annotations give details on the specs and key features.

The full set of illustrations is an arcade enthusiast's dream; if you'd like to purchase any of the prints they're available from Komboh's store in a variety of sizes, with prices ranging from $20 to $60.

Classic arcade diagrams


'Pong' and 'Space Invaders Part II'
Atari's Pong and Taito's Space Invaders were two early arcade success stories. The cocktail table version of Space Invaders stands as one of the most iconic designs in the medium's short history.

All images copyright and published with the permission of Komboh. More examples of Komboh's work can be found on its website, and you can purchase each individual arcade cabinet print from the company's store.

Rich McCormick contributed to this article.