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Multiple moderators arrested in international Silk Road 2.0 busts

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Silk Road laptop
Silk Road laptop

Just six weeks after its launch, the second coming of online drug market Silk Road has run afoul of the law. TechCrunch is reporting that two of the site's moderators have been arrested — one in Ireland and one in Virginia — and Forbes has confirmed with the FBI that multiple arrests have been made. In one as yet unverified report, the arresting officer was special agent Christopher Tarbell, the same man who led the charge on the initial Silk Road busts as well as earlier LulzSec arrests.

The Virginia arrest is believed to have targeted Andrew Michael Jones, who went by the name "Inigo" on the site. In a follow-up post on the Tor Market forum, Jones seemed to indicate the security of the marketplace had been severely compromised. "I was at a loss for words," Jones posted. "Something is definitely wrong and they have the ability to see things on here only mods or admins should."

Update: The indictment has been posted, naming Andrew Michael Jones, Gary Davis and Peter Phillip Nash as defendants.