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Samsung shows just how awkward life can be in its latest Galaxy Gear ad

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galaxy gear creepy ad
galaxy gear creepy ad

In Samsung's world, the quickest way to a woman's heart is through your Galaxy Gear smart watch.

The tech industry has become well known for its odd, tone-deaf advertisements, and Samsung's latest is no exception. In a new two-and-a-half minute lifestyle ad, two men on a ski lift compete for the attention of a woman sitting between them. One man has a Galaxy Gear, while the other does not. The man with the Gear snaps pictures of his new crush, asks her to repeat her number out loud so his Gear can record it, and follows her down the mountain and takes pictures of her. It's a creepy affair.

"Give me your number, just say it."

Throughout the clip, his rival drops his skis, phones, and drinks as he attempt to check his phone — accidents that a Gear smart watch can ostensibly help you avoid. Yet, even with the latest update to the Gear's software, using the device is far from seamless. The Gear-donning man wins out in the end, of course, but this ad's far from a winner for Samsung.