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Spotify debuts Spotiamp, an ode to Winamp that streams your tunes

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Just in time for Winamp's untimely demise, Spotify has announced Spotiamp, a Spotify client for Windows built by one of its engineers. It's "a small tribute to honour the great legacy of Winamp," the company says, and lets you play your music within the comfort of everybody's favorite jukebox app. Once you've signed into the app using a Spotify Premium account, the app lets you play your playlists, search for tracks to play, listen to a built-in radio feature, shuffle your music, stream to Shoutcast-compatible speakers, and mess around with an equalizer — a feature Spotify's Windows app doesn't provide. The app even supports old school Winamp visualization plugins, assuming you still have them.

Winamp as we know it may be dead, but it could live on in some form if Microsoft purchases the app from AOL. Reports indicate that a deal could be in the works, but we don't have any more details. Until then, Spotiamp will have to suffice.